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Music Speaks
With a storied musical background and a voice often compared to Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, Jennie’s claim to fame is her ability to quiet a noisy room when she steps up to the mic and expels a voice which – grounded in an operatic background – climbs to the ceiling and down without flaw or effort.

Having started her career at age 16 singing the National Anthem for sporting events and the Globetrotters as well as weddings for friends and family, Jennie loves to perform anywhere from karaoke, to open mics, to matrimonials, or to chanting for hundreds of people. This is where she finds her Divine, her sanctuary, her truth.

Jennie has always been most interested in singing as a form of expression that allows one to find confidence in sharing one’s inner truth.

“Every one of us should be able to share our deepest ideas, thoughts and emotions with the world,” Backstrom says. “Music is my vehicle.”

What is “Emotions Sit”?
Jennie came to this idea after years of reading Thich Nhat Hanh books about how to deal with your emotions. We all have emotions that “live in the basement of our consciousness”. Some of these are good emotions like mindfulness and love and some are negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, etc. Many times we try to suppress these emotions by avoiding them, not dealing with them and distracting ourselves from them but what we have to do instead to diminish the suffering that is caused by them, is to “give them a mindfulness bath” every day.

Writing “Emotions Sit” was Jennie’s way of dealing with and talking about a heavy emotions she was experiencing, which came out in the form of a song, and eventually, an entire album. She feels that the collection of songs were birthed from a deep place in her heart and sometimes to this day she can’t explain where they came from…something that happens when you create from a place of passion!


Emotions Sit Album
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Kirtan, The Collective Voice
Kirtan is the practice of chanting devotional music. Chanting, or reciting mantra, allows us to raise our collective vibration in order to experience the healing power of sound. Tapping into our own vibration as well as that of others around us through sound allows for the release of tension and stress and amplifies our awareness and awake-ness.

Jennie leads chanting workshops where participants will learn universal mantras and different breathing techniques to access their deepest vibrational truth through a call-and-response arrangement. We put our inner critic to sleep as we explore how we are hard-wired for expression through this sacred art of sound. See Jennie’s chanting schedule here and contact her to lead a kirtan near you.

Singer/Songwriter Praise

“Her sound is beautiful and I love how she sings about her life so openly…. It’s emotional and inviting and fits right in there with the female artists I love.” Christina Mastrangelo, Classical Painter and Teacher

“Sweet, soulful, and heart melting. Jennie’s songs are a constant companion of mine. Her songs are pure emotion in motion – This beautiful singer songwriter’s lyrics are profound, honest and resonate deeply with the human experience of us all.” Lindsay Moulton, Artist, Doula

“I’ve spent many evenings listening to Jennie perform in the downtown Portsmouth area. Her warm presence and musical gifts make any event complete.” Dan Cook, Music Lover

“I have been a fan of Jennie’s music for years. Her voice can soar and then be as subtle as a whisper. Whether singing in English or French or Italian her audience can always feel her passion.” Sarah Pitt-Wooll, Customer Service Professional