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The Yogic Way
Helping you feel safe, confident, and strength from within is foremost on Jennie’s mind when devising her classes and workshops. An athlete all her life, Jennie has had her fair share of injury – and yoga, along with essential oils, tops her list as the healing source for the body and where she turns first for prevention. With her athletic, unique and safe sequencing, you will feel at ease and renewed after emerging from Jennie’s class where she serenades you during the final resting pose with her angelic mantras and chants. Whether in her public classes, private corporate classes or one-on-one private lessons, Jennie will guide you through this timeless practice in a way that will meet your physical, mental and emotional needs.

Public Classes

Jennie currently holds a weekly schedule in the Central Massachusetts area. See the calendar for details.

Corporate Classes
Jennie offers corporate classes to bring the healing benefits of yoga to your work location. Offering flexible times and styles, Jennie will work with you and your team to offer weekly or daily classes at a time that is convenient for you. Classes are offered in 30 – 90 minute formats for students of all levels. Classes are most effective when run in a series once or twice a week for a minimum of 8 weeks. Prices vary depending on class size and length of commitment.
Contact Jennie below for pricing.

Private Classes

Private Classes are a great way to keep up your yoga practice (or your kids’ yoga practice!) in a way that is most convenient for your busy lifestyle. Each private lesson will be holistically catered to your individual needs and will be based upon your unique level of experience. Yoga is for every body. Whether you are just beginning and need instruction on basic poses and breathwork or a more advanced practitioner who just needs guidance or wants to “workshop” a specific pose, each student receives the individualized attention they need.
Other benefits of 1-on-1’s:
Lesson times made at your convenience
Customized instruction to enhance overall well-being
Therapeutic benefits for pain, stress, dis-ease
Help with healthy eating and meal planning

Contact Jennie below for pricing.

Yoga Teacher Praise

“I am new to yoga. Jennie takes the time during her class to help me with my poses and to help me modify them. Classes are very relaxing and rejuvenating.” Kathy West, Aspiring Yogi

“Jennie is a wonderful teacher. Her yoga classes are the absolute best gift I give myself each week.” Noreen Dillon, Psychologist