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We all encounter teachers along our life’s journey. I believe every single person we encounter is a teacher in some way or another and I wouldn’t be where I am today without so many instructors, teachers and mentors who have positively guided me and shaped my character. To those teachers and for those teachings, I am grateful. I live each day doing what I love in hopes that my offerings can in some way be a positive influence and encouragement to those students I encounter.

“Jenny sang multiple songs at my wedding. My wife and I were thrilled by how easy she was to work with and how wonderful of a job she did. She was very open to us picking specific songs and really added a nice touch to our ceremony. Highly recommended!” Brad Baer, Creative Director, Groom

“Jennie sang at my father’s funeral. It was incredible. My mother told me when I first heard Jennie begin “Ave Maria,” I clutched my heart. It was moving, beautiful and downright spiritual. I HIGHLY recommend Jennie for your event. Her soul comes through in whatever she does” Angelique Carson, Writer, Storyteller

“Jennie is a dedicated, thoughtful and professional yoga instructor whose classes are tailored to every level of her students’ abilities. The fact that she ends her sessions with her beautiful singing voice is a wonderful added bonus!”Steve Tolley, Professional Musician

“I am honored to express my deepest gratitude to Jennie for her her genuineness, commitment, and ability to empower me through each of her classes. And the singing after savasana is second to nothing I have ever experienced.” Kathy Ferguson

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking a yoga class with Jennie! It was then that I heard that she also offered workshops with vocal chanting. I am a music teacher, & I really found the chanting/ meditation both relaxing & nourishing! I highly recommend it & look forward to taking another workshop soon.” Mary Casey, Music Teacher

“Jennie Backstrom sang at my wedding and years later, at my mother’s funeral, two very opposite life events. Jennie’s singing added joy and celebration to my wedding. Her angelic voice brought comfort to us during my mother’s funeral and life celebration. She is truly a gifted singer. I would highly recommend Jennie and her beautiful voice for any special event.”Barbara Johnson Keller, MIT Anthropology Administrator and lover of all things French

“Jennie is a phenomenal musician and accomplished yogi with great skill and regard for the practice. Coupled with her vibrant personality, it is wonderful to listen to her sing and practice yoga with her– it is best to have both together!” Sam, Bodyworker and Yoga Instructor

“Jennie is such a lovely woman. She has greatly helped reduce my daughter’s anxiety through the power of yoga. We look forward to every class. Jennie is a truly beautiful woman who is here on this earth to help others lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.” Liz Rauktis, Mother, Art Teacher

“I’ve known Jennie since she was a little girl, as her father is a close friend of mine since our college days. I know her to be a sincere, empathetic and talented person who has a genuine love of the lifestyle she practices and wants to bring to the attention of others.” Rob Essig, friend

“Jennie is very sweet. She is always kind and professional, and tries to always do her best to make others feel they have been attended to.” Judith Cotter, Events Facilitator/Volunteer Coordinator

“Jennie has a sound that is special and unlike anyone else. I would also absolutely love to attend a retreat that was hosted by Jennie. She is a wise woman with an energetic & kind personality. Please make one happen soon!” Dr. Jen Buckley